The things I think about while working out.


So if you didn't know, I have taken it upon myself to start bettering myself. I did so by starting a new workout routine, which somehow led to me getting a sinus infection. That's beside the fact though! The facts are that I am working out 5 out of the 7 days, and sticking with it. It doesn't mean that I enjoy it 100% of the time though. Like most, I have a love hate relationship with working out. So when I saw the opportunity to punch something while I worked out, I decided to give it a whirl. It was after day 4 though, that I finally realized all of the thoughts in my head needed to be written out.

working out

The things I think about when I'm working out.

The Warm Up

I'm going to feel really good about myself after this workout.

Rowing machines, best warmup ever.

Um Miss, that is not how you row. I would know, I spent an entire summer rowing.

Oh, look how cute and tiny the instructor is. Do her parents know she has a job?

What in the fresh bloody hell is this sorcery??

I'm sorry you want me to do what with those weights?

Fucking burpee's are going to be the death of me.

What the serious fuck.

Round: One

Alright, your a little sore from yesterday, but you can do this.

If some puppy can swim for 3 hours to save a poor helpless cat, then you can do a 45 minute workout.

Why do I need to do sit-ups with weights???

Bosu ball, what a retarded name.

I have never been coordinated enough to do a normal plank, now I have to try this shit.

Listen here tiny lady child, my butt is not going down at this point in the game, you can keep telling me to put it down, but it's not.

Round: Five

Yup, I can taste a little throw up building there.

Why do I do this to myself?

Oh yea, need to actually fit in my jeans.

Can I just surrender and wear nothing but those stupid leggings for the rest of my life?


Where did my water go? What bitch moved my water!?

How many rounds do I have left???

Round: Nine

Okay, back to the outside of the ring.

Its easier out here, there aren't sit ups or bosu balls of torture.

Maybe if I pretend that this punching bag is someone I hate, I'll make it through.

So Joffrey or the instructor...

Instructor, definitely the instructor.

Next round, man these are flying by.

Round: Thirteen

You know what Bob, Fuck you!

Yea that's right, I am going to punch the fuck out of inanimate Bob.

And that was my wrist... just hurt my wrist.

I am going to die right now...

Okay, so I just put my feet here and lift up.. seems easy.

You got this!


Nope, don't got it!

I repeat you do not got this!

Round: I've lost count

So we meet again.... Bob.....

Who thought of this exercise trick here?? Satan???

This monkey arms trick is bullshit...

I don't want to be a monkey, that's why I evolved!!!!

Oh good, I'm not the only one who looks like they are going to die!

Guess these mirrors have some use.

Wait...... Have I been making this face the entire time?

I need cuter workout clothes....

Oh hey, my water!

I'm just going to take a water break and make it last half of the time between rounds.

Okay maybe the full amount of time.

Dammit the tiny lady child has caught on! Just smile and start going to the next round.

Round... the final countdown

Look at me, just trying to do jumping jacks with two giant ropes in my hands.

Why do people make cute shirts about squats?? These things aren't cute!

My ass better have a rap music video done in it's honor after this work out.

I so deserve pizza after this.

Bob, what toppings should I get on my pizza?

What's that Bob, I shouldn't eat pizza?

I'll show you what I shouldn't do Bob!!

Yea how do you like my fist hitting you BOB!!!

And that was my wrist....

Don't cry...

Round... did she say we're done???

Wait, we're really done?!

Okay maybe I can cry a little bit.

Sweet baby jesus, run to your car Kylea, RUN!

Safety in little honda civic form.

Never again.

5 Minutes Later...

That was a good workout, I feel good about that workout.