The Velvet Taco in Dallas,TX

During my business trip in Dallas, I was dying to go to a good restaurant or two and hang out with the people from our other offices. I secretly was hoping for a really great coffee shop, but sadly that is not Texas's specialty. But food, Texans know their food!  During that week, I had gone to all of my normal places that I could spot like Pei Wei and Panera, but I also bought some snacks and wine for my room because I’m a fickle eater when traveling or well in general. As a company and sister company, the office went to a FANCY steak house where I'm pretty sure that the entire office ate the equivalent of a cow. And later in the week I went out to eat with a vendor and had some amazing Beef Stroganoff. My time in Dallas, despite the amazing food, was the worst week of my career. I’m not afraid to admit that I hated almost every single thing about that trip, with the exception of the food. I cried every day of the week, had to sneak into hallways to call my work wife just to vent and cry, and worked from 7am to 9pm every day until Friday. I did have an ally at the office for a couple of days, but after he left I was done. Friday I got up halfway through the day, packed my laptop bag, and left that damn office without saying a word to anyone. It was childish, yes, but I could not pretend that it was okay for their behavior to stand.

Filled with frustration and exhastion on Friday night, I went on the search through Yelp to find the perfect dining establishment. That's when I found it. The Velvet Taco! My mom and I worked our way to a cool part of Dallas and ordered the two largest margaritas a girl could get.

the velvet taco

Now I love, love, LOVE tacos!

I love them more than I love pizza, which is pretty much a major food group in my world.I scoured the reviews on Yelp, typing in almost every combination of Margarita and Taco that one can imagine. There were thousands of places! But one caught my eye.

The Velvet Taco

When I saw their unique combinations, I had to try them. I was really looking for non tex-mex food and tequila based drinks, but hey happy accident that yelpers rated it so freaking high.

The Velvet Taco had an amazing menu, and even a special for Fridays. That Friday was a fried green tomato taco and I about died! They also had an amazing selection of craft beers that were local to the area that make me wish I had been more acceptable to beer at the time. Let's not forget  to mention Red Velvet cake the size of my HEAD! I didn't get a picture of it, but boy it was good!

My favorite Taco, was the 3.5- Picnic Chicken. Though it really was hard to choose between the three that I had gotten for myself. Now enjoy some pics, drool a little, and then get your butt over to The Velvet Taco. They are amaze-balls!