What it's really like using Hello Fresh

For those who want to know, let me start by saying this is not an ad and I am not being paid for this post. But it's really freaking convenient so I am going to give you the low down on Hello Fresh.

I have been back and forth about subscribing to food boxes for a while now. It's been one of those things where I justified not subscribing because I thought that I would just cook stuff at home. I mean what is the point of having a food board in Pinterest if your not going to cook any of it?! I guess that goes for the 20+ so food accounts that I follow on Instagram. Low and behold though, I found myself not cooking, rather eating fast food for almost every meal. It was crazy that I was willing to shell out $20 for 2 people a night for food. If I was willing to pay that much for crap, I could certainly afford $59.94 for 3 healthy meals a week from Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is the easiest way to cook dinner.

Hands down, the easiest way to prepare meals without wasting time to travel to the grocery store and buy food. The best part, at least to me is that I get the right amount of ingredients! No more overbuying or letting stuff go to waste in my fridge. Most if not all of the ingredients I need are in each box, the only thing not is your basic olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Let me walk you through how this all works.

First you receive a box at a door of your choosing, mine comes to work. All of the food is packaged in a cooler like pack, but in Arizona you definitely don't want it to sit out.  Each meal is packaged up in a box, making it easy to just grab the ingredients for your box and cook.

They also come with these really cool recipe cards that are a thicker material that you can save and use again.

Last nights dinner was Sizzling Beef over Bok Choy and Jasmine rice.

Now I've never eaten Bok Choy before, but I thought hey why not give it a try. So I chopped the veggies up, Minced the garlic and Ginger, cooked some rice, and BAM sizzled some beef.

Here are some pro's and con's:

  • Pros:
    • No Grocery Shopping
    • Easy, healthy portions
    • You can choose from 6-7 different recipes.
    • Delivered to your door
  • Cons:
    • You can't swap ingredients
    • Can't filter out allergies. You can come pretty darn close with certain things like milk and gluten.
    • Uses Onions for almost everything.
    • Their tracking system is WONKY!

This dinner was great and now I'm looking forward to my next meal! Want $40 off your first box? Use this Referral Code and you can get $40 off your first delivery! Please know that I'll get $20 in credit too. But I have known a couple of people who order the first box to try it out and then cancel after that. Yes, the ordering and cancellation process are that easy.

Have you tried Hello Fresh before? What did you think?