5 things I'm doing to save up Travel Money


I have some pretty big traveling plans this year. Sure I get a stipend to take a vacation from my job, but I have more than one place that I want to go to this year, including an already planned trip to Las Vegas. The one thing I never like to be out of while on vacation is money! I'm pretty sure most people don't, but rather than using my credit card for everything, I really want to have some extra spending money set aside. So I've started changing a few things with my routine to help save some extra dough.

Here are the 5 things I'm doing to save up Travel Money.


Cutting down on eating out.

This is my biggest problem, because sometimes I really just don't want to cook. Okay, most of the time I really don't want to cook. Lately, I've been spending money on food subscriptions like Hello Fresh and Meals and Go. When I look at the cost difference though, I'm actually saving money because I don't waste food. I also bought some basic things like PB&J and cereal and put them in the office. My coworkers have been helping me eat them, but I don't mind it!

Collecting all of the spare change at my house and sticking with my side hustles.

People in my household have a tendency to leave spare change around on top of the dryer or counters. You'd be really surprised by how much I find and some weeks are better than others. So I have a giant jug that I just put it in when I find it. It sits on the front bar in my house, so occasionally other people throw change in there as well. Not because they have to, but sometimes it's better than leaving it stranded in your purse or pockets.

I'm also sticking to house sitting for just a little bit longer. I was going to quit this year and slowly ween people off of being so dependent on me. Instead I am just blocking out times where I can stay home or travel. I still make some money, while having a balance to my life which is what I need. Half of what I make goes into an envelope for my bigger trips.

Pay everything off, every month.

Paying everything off right away also helps me to see what I have left over to put into my savings account. Sometimes it's $50 and sometimes it's $300,  but it is a little more than I had before. I will toot my own horn by saying that I'm definitely pretty responsible when it comes to paying my bills on time. One thing I have really been working on is paying off my entire credit card when the statement comes. Not only does this improve my credit, but it also forces me to keep an eye on what I'm buying. I also use my rewards points from my credit card to buy things like movies or books that I consider splurges. Plus it makes me feel like a boss!

Shopping the sales.

If I do go shopping, I look at all of the adds first. I also look through my HR website and any deals that they may have. Turns out that I get points back for shopping at Ulta online from my employee website. Add in the mail coupons and rewards, and you can save a bunch of money shopping for your beauty products.

Using Digit to save money.

In December, I stumbled across a nifty little app that's called Digit. What happens is that when you sign up you link your checking account, and Digit pulls money out of your account for your each day. Now they don't just take random amounts. They analyze your spending and only pull what they think you won't miss. I have been using it for 4 months, and since then I have never been overdrawn. Better yet, I have saved $388.42 so far this year! That's going to be a nice little fund to go to Vegas with.

** I received an email on 04/11/17 that Digit was going to start charging a $2.99 monthly subscription fee. While this is not necessarily a deal breaker for me, it might be for some people.


What do you guys do to save money for traveling? Have you tried the envelope method? Does it work?