My tattoo stories


A while ago I read Tiffany's post about all of her tattoos and what they meant to her. I fell in love with it and knew that I needed to write one about my two tattoos. While I only have the two they are both special in their own way. The strange thing is, is that I always thought I would have more than just my two tattoos this far in my life. But finances and design plans kept me from getting more. My goal eventually is to get at least 4 more, including one to honor my sweet basset Flash. But until then let me show you the two that decorate my skin now.

My stars tattoo

This was literally  my first, rebellion tattoo. The one tattoo that you get, despite what your parents have told you. It was my 19th birthday and I was living on my own. My moms rule was always that you had to have your bills paid, you weren't on her health insurance, and  it couldn't be visible by a wedding dress.

Well I matched all the criteria, so I headed down to the highest rated tattoo parlor in the city of Mesa. When I got there they could clearly see that I was a little green in the face and that this was going to be my very first tattoo. So the artist did what any sane artist would do, and decided to put together all of his equipment prior to me entering the room. But my boyfriend at the time who had a couple of tattoos was in there just to make sure they weren't using equipment they shouldn't be.

The hardest part about this tattoo though was keeping my foot still. The artist literally had to hold my foot down while tattooing and even threatened to duct tape it to the chair.  With so many nerve endings in your ankle though, it's really, really hard to keep it still.

He did not duck tape my foot down, instead I got through it without any line errors and no tears. My mom found out about two weeks later when I started scratching at the scabs because, well I hate scabs. She wasn't mad at the fact that I had gotten a tattoo because I followed all of the rules, she was more mad at the fact that this tattoo literally had no significant meaning other than I was 19 and I was getting a tattoo.

My words of wisdom tattoo.

My second tattoo much like my first was a last-minute brilliant idea type of situation. However, the second one had a little bit more meaning than the first. You see, I'd been going through a time where I was trying to grow up a little faster than I probably should've. I was trying to buy my own house or townhouse. I was trying to pay off my car ahead of time and I had a full-time job. I was adulting at the highest level you can adult, but I was only 22. I hadn't really even had the teenage years of my life. I've been working full-time since I was 18. I went to school and then I went home. At one point I was working 2 jobs,why I have no idea but I did it anyways.

I put school aside for a while to try and work at my job and be on the hours that I needed to prove that I needed this job. Had I known that I'd still be there over seven years later; maybe I wouldn't have worked to death and take time to enjoy my life as not only a teenager but a young adult.

I was going through a crisis at the age of 22 and needed a reminder to smell the roses. Cue the oddly appropriate Jimmy Eat World song "The Middle" that inspired my tattoo. I listen to the song probably for 2 hours straight. As I was listening to it I picked up on a few words.

It just takes some time.

That's when it hit me yes life takes time. All of these great things that I was trying to accomplish, weren't going to happen in the matter of seconds. It was going to take time for me to build my credit to get a house. It was going to take time for me to make a career out of what was a job. So why was I trying to rush it? Naturally I got a tattoo to commemorate my new found knowledge. But to this day I still look down and read it, then remember that what I am doing with my life now all matters.


Do you have any tattoos? Do they mean anything to you?