Build Your Own Standing Desk


If you didn't see it on Instagram, I am testing out a new office lifestyle by using a standing desk at work. I got this simple hack from Megan and decided to put my own twist on it. I traveled to the land of Ikea, at the beginning of what would be a really busy Saturday and bought all of the necessary supplies. Sunday morning when I woke up to the fog of terror, I knew that I wasn't going to do anything outside anytime soon. So what better time than that to put on a chick flick and use some power tools? Standing Desk

How to build your own Standing Desk.

What you need: 

2 Ikea Lack side tables (Mine)

1 set of two Wall Brackets (Mine)

1 Ekby Viktor wall shelf (Here)


Bygel Rail (Here)

Bygel Containers (Here)


Screws: preferably a flat top screw.

Drill: Fully Charged!

Ikea Hack Standing Desk

First things first. Take the table that you are using for your keyboard stand, and attach the shelf brackets to the legs first. I did mine the shorter length side and placed them all the way at the bottom of the leg. If you are taller than 5'5" than you may want to put it a little higher. You should attach the legs to your table, and then attach the shelf to the brackets.

** I put the shelf on my desk and then flipped my Ikea table over with the table upside down so that I could easily screw together the shelf.


For the second table all I did was screw the railing into the top portion of the table using smaller screws. I got halfway through the last screw and then... my drill battery decided to die a slow and painful death. So there I was watching the last 5 minutes of Meet the Robinsons, waiting for just enough drill power to finish.

Ikea Hack Standing Desk

So close.....

Monday came along and I took it into work. The hardest part of this adventure was trying to get the tables to fit in my car! But, everyone in the office has since come up to my desk to see my crafty little DIY. And now I see the wheels turning on how they can do it for their desk.

Ikea Hack Standing Desk

The differences from Megan's hack and mine were the actual tables. I used a high gloss white so that I could make the top into a white board. I wanted a way to stop using so many damn sticky notes, and this seemed like a reasonable solution.

My overall cost ended up being $71 because I bought the high gloss tables, fancier brackets, the railing, buckets, screws, and a little lamp that clips onto surfaces. But if you did the basic tables and a basic bracket it should only cost you $30 total.

What do you think? Would you be able to stand at work all day?