We all have things in life that we regret, almost as instantly as it happens. But on occasion you find yourself questioning why you regretted it? You start to think about how there is no one there to witness your ridiculous methods of eating one cheeze-it at a time. Or that you don't need to shield your furchild from the R rated movies, because he is a dog and probably doesn't even realize what is happening. Or maybe you just stopped giving a f*ck about what others thought. So you're sorry for nothing! And there is were we use the amazing hashtag #sorrynotsorry .

Here is a list of totally applicable items that I'm not sorry about.


  • I ate an entire container of QT mini donut holes for dinner Saturday.
  •  For not wanting to work out, and arguing with myself out loud while I convince myself to do so for roughly 10 minutes.
  •  Eating the ice cream out of the container last night.
  • For drinking the wine out of the bottle this week instead of using a glass.
  • Not taking a shower until noon all weekend.
  • Binge watching on all of the TV shows on Netflix.
  • Deciding that I needed a Fire Stick In my life, and then buying one with the Voice feature so that I could talk to it like Gary Busey.
  • Sleeping on the couch Friday, because I was too lazy to move to my actual bed.
  • Blogging about ridiculous things like what I'm not sorry for.
  • Not responding to a single damn message or email all weekend.
  • Killing my entire healthy food kick by eating ice cream and donuts.
  • Kicking the dog off the couch.
  • Making the dog go outside for fresh air, even though he was comfy on the couch.
  • Chasing the dog with the vacuum to make him go outside for fresh air.
  • Spending the extra $2 on commercial free hulu….
  • Getting 5 movies from RedBox and watching them in one day.
  • Writing this god damn post, not sorry about this at all.

Hope you had a great weekend!