Sometimes I screw up on things, and that's okay.


Todays post was supposed to be a Vanilla Bean Cheesecake recipe with a butterscotch topping, made to taste similar to a Butter Beer. I was inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and am a Potter FANATIC, that I actually had a whole list of posts based around the movie.  However, said cheesecake had something else in mind. I screwed up on the recipe, big time! An ameture mistake ruined my $25 dollar cheesecake, but I was okay with it. Maybe not 100% since vanilla beans cost $8-$13 for 2 pods, but enough to know that there was no point in crying over it.

Sometimes you screw up, and you have to be okay with it.

screw up

If you are anything like me, a recently acquired A-Type perfectionist personality, you are going to get upset and overworked. Take it from a girl who gets that way daily, you can't stress over the fuck ups. You have to face what happened, dust yourself off, and then get back on the horse.

So here are a bunch of things I've screwed up on last week, and I'm going to be okay!

I just learned that I spelled a colleagues name wrong and it has been incorrect on ALL of his payroll docs.... FOR THREE YEARS! Now shame on me for not checking or noticing it sooner, and shame on him for not saying something. But it was still embarrassing when I actually found out that this screw up was 3 years in counting.

I was number dyslexic on a cost estimate that I gave a client, and not in the I'm going to make tons of money way. It sucked when I had to explain to my boss why we were losing money on an order. Thankfully, he was understanding about the situation and we decided it was best to let that sleeping dog lie.

I forgot that a charge was auto deducting from my bank account, which I have purposely been keeping at lower balance to save money. You know, a sort of you can't see it so you don't touch it method? Well, guess who overdrew her checking account?! Thankfully I have overdraft protection and a savings account, but dear god was I in a pure state of panic.

I turned off my alarm.... and woke up an hour after I was supposed to be at work. I pride myself on being on time to work. It's the one thing that makes me better than everyone else. I may not be great with typing the right numbers, but dammit I am on time. Instead of getting super worked up, by the fact that I was REALLY late, and still had an hour drive. I went on with my normal routine, and made sure that I was physically prepared. Going to work without a shower, is not good for anyone.

Besides my cheesecake mishap, I screwed up on a big ol' pot of chili. Like borderline not sure I should be eating it, but I have too much not to.

Also, I found out that I left a bag of perishable groceries in my trunk.... two days after I bought them. It wasn't until after I started to look for this mysterious odor that I realized my screw up.

I dried a $45 LuLaRoe Shirt..... They have warnings on the tags specifically telling you not to dry them, because they will shred. Those are serious warnings, in case you were curious about the outcome.

Those are really just the major screw ups from this week.

A lot of people are feeling a little torn, like an entire country screwed up. Now, you can choose to look at it in the worst case scenario mode. Or, you can choose to believe that things are going to be okay. Your voice and actions are going to matter more after you screw up than the actual accident itself.

So here we are, at a new week, just a bunch of awesome people learning how to get through life one screw up at a time.

Happy Monday and much love!