My Top 3 Ridiculous pet peeves


While trying to come up with 30 different posts for this month, I came across a post idea to list your pet peeves. Everyone has them and sometimes it's crazy to find out what really bugs people. I thought it may be interesting for you folks to learn just how weird and ridiculous I can be, by giving you my top 3 ridiculous pet peeves. You know those actions or things that other people see as irrational, but in your head they seem pretty darn normal. I have a few of them... okay more than a few, but I won't list all of them for you. That would be a whole series of posts.

Here are my top 3 ridiculous pet peeves:

Leaving time on the Microwave.

MY GOD! This is probably the most annoying thing in the world to me. It drives me nuts when people take out their food  20 seconds before the time's up and don’t clear out the time. It’s not hard, you hit the reset/clear button! It’s weird for this to irk me so much, but it’s common courtesy. What really gets me is when they leave a minute on there, and I think it's one o'clock. Do you know how depressing that can be when you are just wishing for the day to go by faster? I have been known to just stare at my colleagues, with the look only a very angry mother could give, until they clear it.

When people stand behind me while I’m typing.

I get a bit nervous when people watch me work. So nervous in fact that I start to butcher my typing skills. It gets real ugly, real quick. So naturally when people have to stand behind me and watch me work or wait on me to finish typing it takes 10 times longer. My eye starts to twitch and I just want to ask if they don’t trust me to finish. Bonus annoyance is when I’m working on sensitive info and people just walk right up behind me and stand there.

People leaving unnecessary lights on.

This is my mom's fault. You read that mom? ALL YOUR FAULT! Somehow though, people in my life like to leave lights on in rooms when they aren’t in them. I came home once, and my roommate had left every light on in the house. He wasn’t even there! Even talking about it irritates me, so I’m just going to stop.

Like I said they may be things that other people look at think I'm absolutely bonkers! And hey, I may be... but it's okay. Now if only I could get all of my coworkers to realize these pet peeves.

What is your top 1 irrational pet peeves?