Cook Book Review: My Drunk Kitchen


When I first decided to create more food based posts, I decided that I needed more cookbooks. I mean what is a cook, even an amateur one, with out a little inspiration? So I went on my Amazon wish list (which has dozens of books by the by) and picked out one that I have wanted for quite a bit of time, My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart.

Here is my review of Hannah's cookbook My Drunk Kitchen.

I watch Hannah Hart's web series My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube, and find her to be not only adorable but also very charismatic. Plus the overall idea of getting drunk while attempting to cook always peaks my interest. I mean how does she not severely burn herself on more than one occasion? Also where does she get her cute glasses? What fabulous guest is going to be on this next episode? Or is it web-isode?

So when I saw that she had a book, I was super excited to see it. The reviews were right were I liked to see them. Plenty of 5 stars with the occasional 1 or 2 from Professional chefs who think they know everything. So I didn't hesitate when I clicked the bright orange "Buy with 1-click" button on Amazon.

I waited patiently and only checking the shipping status twice I was overjoyed when UPS said that it had been delivered! I raced home, stopping merely for overpriced sustenance and proceeded to open my book and read away!

But alas, all of my excitement was ruined the moment I saw the recipes. These weren't like the ones that I saw on My Drunk Kitchen, they were ones I had already relived in my extremely broke college student days. (Not to be confused with the semi broke days I live now.) Saltine Nacho's and pb&J sandwiches with potato chips… be still my broken Hart. While recipe disappointment has me turning this into a photo prop book, it was still great to read through the fun stories and see all of the gorgeous pictures of Hannah.

So what's the verdict?

Overall, I would give this book a 2.5 out of 5. It's not the best book if you have already graduated from the college level cooking. But it's not the worst if you like to read funny and personal stories.There were recipes that I would try, while drinking from my friend Jack, but not if I were trying to feed more than just myself.


Do you guys have any cookbook recommendations?