Pinterest Perfect Life Vol. 2


On January 9, 2014 I posted on what it would be like if my life were Pinterest Perfect. Let's face it, Pinterest is still as popular as it was a year ago. But a few things would change in my perfect Pinterest Perfect Life.

So what would my Pinterest Perfect Life look like now, one year later?

My Pinterest Perfect Life Vol 2

In my Pinterest Perfect Life, my hair would look like this! Short, sassy, and a little bit on the edgy side. I would also be able to actually style it to a T.


In my Pinterest Perfect world I would still have adorable outfits like this, but now it would involve a few more pairs of jeans than anything else. I would also have a shoe closet that would be to die for and everything would be organized in that closet perfectly. Because who really wants a closet that is disorganized? And in a Pinterest Perfect world I would have skinny calfs so that I could wear boots.


In my Pinterest Perfect world, I would still have a well designed apartment or condo, but it would also have the most perfect kitchen in the world. AND I would have someone to clean it and all of the dishes from the yummy food I made.

pinterest perfect food

In my perfect world, my new work office/ area would look something like this. Organized, pretty, and the envy of the office world. I would be a marketing guru and my ideas for company culture would get recognized in numerous organizations around the world.


And in this perfect world, I would be a crafting goddess. Everything I made would be the envy of all. I would get book deals, thousands of fans, and my own show on HGTV, TLC or DIY. (This chalkboard clipboard is adorable fyi.)


If this were a Pinterest Perfect world I would be simply:


What would your Pinterest Perfect world look like?