Life Update: Off goes the AC!

You guys... It is officially fall in Arizona! I can finally turn my ac off completely because the days are so nice that it's no longer needed. I can open up all of the windows, turn the ceiling fans to low, and bust out the fall scented candles. It's been like this for a little while, but with the weather here, you really don’t want to test your luck. Se La Vie am I right?

Life Lately
Life Lately

Work from home Wednesdays are about to become a thing.

I worked from home yesterday which is kind of weird. I've always had the ability to work from home, but never did unless I was sick or my grandparents needed help getting to an appointment. I always thought that I would get too distracted, or something catastrophic would happen if I wasn't at the office. But let me tell you... i got more done in the 2 hours of working than I would all day. I was able take my time getting up, get a couple of chores done, and I made myself an omelet for lunch. Purely because I could.

I hunted  for rugs at the athome store for 2 hours.

Literally, went through every rug imaginable in every section of the athome store. It was entertaining, while I a 5'3" human tried to pull out huge 9x12 rugs to look at them and see if they were on clearance. I was not going to give up though! And while I didn't get the $300 rugs that I was crushing over, I did get a couple that will work for my living room, and had the feel that I was looking for. Maybe the dogs will be nice and keep them clean for a couple more days so that I can take a picture. Wishful thinking, right? I didn't find one for my dining room, but I'm still looking around for the perfect one.

It's been 4 days since I've started eating a little cleaner.

I cut out fast food, soda, and 3/4's of the processed foods that I used to eat. Now don't get me wrong, I do have a loaf of whole wheat multigrain bread and a couple packets of cheese in my fridge and a couple cans of soup. But I've acknowledged the fact that I can get more meals out of a few basic ingredients than you can a #1 no onions with a coke from McDonalds.

Either way I'm really craving a cheeseburger right now... so I may have to stop at the store on my way home.

HELP! My face is in serious crisis mode.

I break out on one side, and it's not the side I sleep on. But I've washed my sheets, I wash my face every day, and I haven't been putting on makeup. Yet, my face looks like I'm on my cycle every freaking day. What do I do?! I need some new suggestions on face cleansers and or moisturizers.

It's the 300th episode of Grey's tonight...

I don't know whether to cry or feel really old. I've been watching greys essentially from the beginning. I skipped out on most of season one, but then binged on my seasons dvd box sets. On occasion I like to revisit the first season where Meredith was a relatable, dark and twisty soul and McDreamy... well McDreamy was definitely dreamy. I hated Izzy... truly just disliked her character, and loved Bailey. I wonder how they are going to work with tonight and what surprises come up.

I managed to get a few of posts out last month.

They were random, but I posted! One or two posts a month still qualify me as a blogger right?

Anywho, that's all for now folks. I hope you're having a brilliant day!