October Check In & Goals


Well, it's finally happened. I have finally gotten so far behind on the social world that I completely missed that one of my favorite bloggers was posting again. I'm not sure how I missed it, but apparently I've missed an entire 2 months worth of posts. I guess that's how you could describe my life  lately though. It literally seems like yesterday that I was posting Septembers Check In & Goals, and here we are halfway through October. It's been nothing but driving, work, homework, zone out, and sleep. I feel extremely anti social and even my introvert ways aren't helping to recharge me. I did manage to accomplish some of my goals within the last month, but it doesn't really feel like I did them well. So, here we are with another month and some more goals. Hopefully they stick this month! october-1

October Check In

My company is helping out with this amazing event with Audi and Air B-N-B. Which means that if I want to move out of the role I'm in and into a marketing position, I need to start posting like crazy on our social media. I mean clearly it is not my dream job, but sometimes anything is better than accounting or customer service. All in all though work has me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Or are we close enough to turn a chicken into a turkey?

I did get to try a couple of new places to eat this month. Though I forgot to officially photograph any of them.... Clearly I was thinking of food more than I was blog, but it was pretty good food. I guess this means I HAVE to go back, right?

I am doing one more big clear out of a few subscriptions, but wanted to take one more month to see if i truly do use any of them. The ones on the chopping block now are Audible, Texture, Pandora, and Fullscreen. I've been using fullscreen because they have the Addams Family movies available right now and Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal. But the other three I don't use as much as the cost warrants.

October Goals

Okay, now I am going to say that I need to get some posts done because too many are piling up. So 20 posts this month need, need, NEED to get reviewed and scheduled.

I also have a healthy stack of DIY projects that are piling up in my house that need to get done. I still need to build the Couch table that matches my bench for my office. And I also have crates to make a shelf for the bathroom storage. Not to mention the ever growing list of scrapbooking items that all need to get done.

I also need to actually start going through all of the e-courses that I bought this year. Talk about a late start!! But I feel like maybe my brain might start to un-fuzz this month and I may actually acquire some motivation.

Last goal of the month is to nail down what my shop items are going to be. I have so many lists going that it has now become a cluster fuck of items. But stay tuned for that because it is really at the top of the list.

What are your goals for the month?