Making mac and cheese at midnight.

It's roughly 11:30 at night and I'm just now making dinner. Sure I could have stayed at my grandparents and ate pizza. But I wasn't feeling it. The cheese, the sauce, and the potential for fire breathing heartburn after.... no thanks. I mean I love GOT but that doesn't mean I want Drogon destroying my stomach and ability to drink coffee tomorrow.

So instead, I'm making mac and cheese. After all it is national macaroni and cheese day for another 30 minutes.

More than that I'm planning my upcoming week. Thinking about what I'm going to scrap book tomorrow and thinking about what more I need to accomplish with the social media campaign for work. I know, who wants to work at midnight??? Sometimes I think I'm more addicted to work than I would be drugs.

Or is work secretly a drug?

Pretty sure they invented coffee as the gateway drug and then gave us work as the harder stuff.... Either way I'm up, writing a pointless post about making mac and cheese in the middle of the night. A regular old, retro lifestyle post if you will. You know when we didn't care about how many instagram followers we had??

The good old days of blogging.

I don't hate the new way of blogging. Sometimes it's nice to remember how it all started though. It seemed easier when people weren't always trying to sell something or make money. At least it did to me. I admire the people that can hustle like that. But I can't because I think about my day job.... in the middle of the night.

But blogging was easier right?? It was simple; just some words, terrible gifs, and passionate posts about our lives. Random posts like this would have crushed it in the old world. Sothis is one of those random posts. Take that brands who want authentic, organic posts!

I'm rambling... I blame the hunger.

Its almost done.. which means so is this post. Soon I will be swimming in the melty, blue box mac and cheese. Maybe the cheese will help me write more posts... so if you see some this week it means it worked. If it didn't... well I have no excuse.

Till then....

Also I plan on eating this entire box.