5 tips to jazz up your LinkedIn page


LinkedIn, it's like that forgotten aunt, that everyone forgets until they need a job. Some people who have a normal 9 to 5 will sign up for it so that their bosses don't try and find them on Facebook. Some if not most will use it for networking and connecting with clients or potential clients. Either way, LinkedIn is a snazzy little tool if you know how to set it up right.

So here are 5 tips to make your LinkedIn Profile, look professional.


Change your profile picture.

LinkedIn isn't where you post pics of you with your friends or cute dog, that's for the rest of social media. Your LinkedIn photo should be a clear and current photo of you and only you. It should look professional, and should be a clear shot of your face. NO FILTERS!

Make sure all of your work history is current.

LinkedIn is like an online resume, so just like your normal resume you should keep your work history up to date. Plus it is 10x's more work to update it, if you are really behind. I learned that the hard way as I was trying to figure out what my job actually entailed. I had a wise teacher once tell me that LinkedIn is to show off what you are an expert at. So if you do side work as a web designer, include it . For me I have my pet sitting on there, because doing it for 9 years makes me well knowledges in the field. You also want to put in any volunteer work that you do or want to do.

Write a good summary about yourself.

Am I wrong in assuming that only about 15% of the worlds population actually likes writing a profile summary? Sometimes I write them in 3rd person and then switch it to 1st person when I'm done because it feels a little less weird, but it's still awkward. Write about what you are good at, maybe that's marketing or social media. Use adjectives, but don't over use them. You can be passionate about SEO, but being a self made passionate creative who lives and dies for SEO might be a little bit of an overkill.

 Join some groups and follow Influencers.

Did you know that BlogHer has a LinkedIn Group? There are more ways to follow companies with content and cut out all of the idle gossip of Facebook. I personally follow companies and people that a.) allow for creative or inspirational content and b.) are related to the fields I work in. This range can include anything relating to Relocation or Marketing.

Make sure you are connecting with people.

Don't forget to make connections with people. If you are at a networking event or even a conference connect with the people and companies that you meet on LinkedIn. Also, send them a personal message letting them know that it was nice to meet them at "insert event or place here" when you send over the connection invite. You never know who you are going to connect with, and where that could lead.

So maybe these tips helped or maybe they were just a refresher, but LinkedIn is a powerful tool for you to use to connect to brands. Now, I am going to go freshen up my page some more! Hope to see you on there.