Las Vegas is always a great idea.


About a week ago, my favorite person in AZ graduated from ASU. I mean this girl worked her ass off to get to graduation and did it in 3 1/2 years. Now since we both needed to blow off steam, we went to the one place were we could get trashed and no one would care.

Viva Las Vegas!

We started off at the Mirage at Center Bar and had a drink. Fancy, fancy drinks. We attempted to go to another bar, but one of us ended up losing our ID. No... it was not me. It was during this short lived trip that I learned that I do not walk well in heels. It was on that short walk across the planks of the Treasure Island round about that I walked the plank. And I bit the plank hard. Needless to say, I learned my lesson after that. Kudos to all you ladies who can wear them!

Also.... half of Sunday is really blurry....I know we saw Zumanity..... and drank... I'm being told I danced on a bar multiple times, thankfully there was no video evidence to support this.

Now being a terrible blogger I definitely did not take enough pictures of the strip or touristy things.  That means I have to go back right??? I did however take a ton of photos of my booze though and a healthy number of selfies.

So i've decided that Vegas, no matter your account balance, is always a good idea.