January Updates


Almost two full weeks into January, and things are already looking good for me! For the first time in 3 years, I haven't felt like complete shit, been admitted to a hospital, or had a giant twin sticking out of the side of my neck. The most that's happened to me this holiday season is a minor bee sting. Which is a blessing in it's own, since I now know that i'm not allergic. Anyways, I didn't want to do goals for this month, since well I just made some. So here are some January updates for your amusement.

I bought a camera!

Not just any camera, I bought a Canon 80d with wifi. I have managed to take more pictures in the last week alone than I have with just my phone. I've also downloaded the Canon Connect app, and bam I can send them to my phone and use it as a shutter remote.  The coolest thing other than the flip around screen is the ability to record in HD and not look like it's from a laptop. So more vlog posts? Cool little micro videos for how to's? Not sure how I am going to utilize it yet, but I have ideas.

I haven't stuck to my casual Friday's only.

I wanted to dress up more in 2017, because for the last 3 years it's been nothing but jeans everyday and looking like a hot mess. I started slacking on my appearance, that followed with my ongoing seclusion, kept me in a rut. I haven't been dressing up every day, but I did realize that I needed more pants and more tights though.I have a grand total of 3 pairs of pants and a skirt, plus one or two dresses a friend passed on to me. So I have been trying to make all of them work, without looking repetitive.

I'm back on the audio book train.

I have quite a collection built up in Audible so I decided to get back to it. I have 2 books that I started but haven't really finished because I feel awkward listening to them in the office. Not because they are "smut" novels or anything. Every time I get hooked into the story and am working away, someone just finds a way to interrupt me. Then you naturally get the "what are you listening to" question and you just get lost. If only I could yell at my colleagues, like I do my family when they interrupt me while I'm reading.

I've started working out.

So along with the dressing more appropriately for my age, I've found that I have a few unnecessary pounds. It's not that I planned to lose weight, it was not on the list of goals. But I have noticed that certain clothes don't fit quite right. Example, pencil skirt=short sausage. So I joined a small little gym called Jabz Boxing. My arms hurt, my legs hurt, and I'm pretty sure the instructors are trying to kill me at times, but it feels good. I guess that's all that matters.

What have you been up to this month?