Life Lesson: Jalapeno's are not my friend. 


So i'm not a professional chef, nor do I normally work with any other pepper other than bell peppers. Eat spicy peppers, no problem! But up until this point I had never actually cooked with them. So this week when my brother asked for help with his jalapeno poppers, I learned a valuable lesson.

Always wear gloves when dealing with spicy peppers, like Jalapeno's.

You see, I didn't google it like I normally would if I were making the meal. It literally slipped my mind that these peppers were different than bell peppers. So as I cut into them, using my fingers to scoop out the seeds, I did so without any worries.

It wasn't until my hands started to sting a little that it started to hit me. And then my face started burning, because I was touching my face. So I scrubbed my hands really good, and thought I was in the clear.

Negative ghost rider!

It wasn't until I went to take out my contacts that I realized that the jalapeno spices were still on my hand. I put my fingers on my eye to take the lens out, and the immediate burning took place. My brother sat to the side laughing at me as I continued to pour saline all over my eyes to stop the burning. So after 15 minutes of crying and trying to get my contacts out, I finally took an ice pack to my red, swollen, blotchy eyes. I mean, I could have stopped after the first minute, but I was already in pain. Might as well try and finish the job.

With my hands still on fire, I finally had to google what would help. Thankfully there were a ton of home remedies. One included sitting my hands in cold water until the pain stopped. But I don't drink  milk, so that wasn't going to help. Other remedies included using olive and vegetable oil, spreading it on your hands like lotion. Both of which I'm conveniently out of.

Finally, I came across a home remedy that seemed reasonable. Using rubbing alcohol and Dawn dish soap to was your hands. So I rubbed the alcohol on first making sure to coat every nook and cranny, piled on my dish soap and washed my hands in scalding water. I ended up repeating this process 3 more times.

Better safe than burning.

The whole event was as traumatizing as it sounds, and I've vowed never to touch another spicy pepper again, unless consuming professionally made peppers.

Moral of this story, do research and wear gloves or that pepper will be Jalapeno business!!!