Build Your Own Industrial Bench


If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen that I recently moved into a new office. Since I work for a rather small company, it has always been a "you want it you, bring it" kind of situation. That's how it was with this office. We ordered the standard desk and office chair, but anything else I want, I bring. This included any additional seating for people when they wanted to come in and sit. I spent hours looking at side chairs and love seats. I went back and forth on style and color, and added items into shopping carts, only to clear them out completely. Then one day I came up with a semi-brilliant idea. A bench! You could use it as a table or you could use it as seating, it was a great idea. I had to narrow down the type though, between modern wood benches, classic farm house, mid-century modern hairpin benches, and an industrial bench. SO many benches, so little time.

So I ran to Pinterest for advice from the crafting gods, and decided on an Industrial Bench.

Industrial Bench

For the record, I am 100% okay with the ideology that if I want something in my office, I buy and bring it myself. I would rather my office look like mine then some stuck up corporate snooze-fest. I want my space to be comfortable and inviting, because that's where I spend the majority of my day. Besides my bed of course. So for me this industrial bench was just the answer. Plus if I ever decide to leave, for any reason, then I get to take it with me.

Now before I give you some pictures and details on how to make it, let me just say one thing. For those pins that say this is the cheaper route..... they don't lie, but it's still not cheap! I spent a total of $228.81 (pre-tax) 0n the supplies for just this bench. The only way that I am trying to justify this expense is by telling my self that some how I can write this off of my taxes. And now you know why they can cost anywhere from $400-$500 on Etsy. There's still a sense of accomplishment though as you are screwing in the final screw and putting it in your car to take to work.

I realized that I do not have any pictures of me putting this together, and that is probably a good thing because I looked awful!

Here's how to build your own Industrial Bench.

Industrial Bench


Industrial Bench

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