How I Cut the Cord on Cable


If there has been one the that I have praised time and time again, it's that I could not live without a DVR. I mean at one point I was recording six shows every night, and then skipping all of the commercials. It has been pretty much the one invention that someone should win an award over, if they haven't already. But that DVR box  and cable started to get really pricey. In less than six months my bill went from $55 to $78 and then as high as $107 a month! All I had was the basic package, Showtime, HBO, and one DVR box. That's it! I know people who have the Highest packages with cable who pay less than that. So as I came into the end of the year, I had to look at what I was spending and if it really was worth it.

How I Cut the Cord on Cable

Not only was I spending $107 on cable but I was spending:

  • $8.96 on Netflix
  • $11.99 on Hulu Plus
  • $36 annually for Amazon Prime
  • $20 per month on Red Box

I also had to look at how much I was home in one month to actually enjoy my cable. Some months like November and December I was only home for 2 weeks. So $53.50 for two weeks of cable really didn't seem worth it any more. Especially not when I can get a subscription to HBO and convince my older brother for his showtime login info.

Then I looked at the whole cost from a yearly view. over $1,200 was going to go to cable. That is $1,200 that I can use to travel somewhere or pay towards my student loans. WHY was I willing to pay so much for a DVR?

So I cut it. I cut the proverbial umbilical cord known as DirectTv and haven't looked back. 

I use Hulu for all of my normal shows and avoid twitter until I can watch the episodes. I binge on Netflix for shows that I can totally watch again or maybe want to re watch the beginnings. And lastly I subscribed to HBO so that I can watch Game of Thrones, because I need it and SlingTV for FoodNetwork and HGTV because Ghillie needs it. I also read a lot more, and have more time for blogging and homework. So cutting that expense was a good thing for me.

Have you gotten rid of your cable before? How have you  been without it?