Happy National Coffee Day!


Happy National Coffee Day!!!

I may, or may not, have already had 0 (+5) cups this morning myself. When you wake up as early as I do, you need that daily pep in your step. For me, that pep starts with a nice tall mug of Eight O’clock Original with a splash of Hazelnut creamer. But since it is National Coffee Day, I’m taking this to a whole new level and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!

Okay… okay. I have had far too much coffee… Says no one EVER!

I feel like Lorelei Gilmore would be screaming at the top of her lungs with joy and excitement, because it is National Coffee Day. I mean let’s give her some credit, she was probably the inspiration behind making this a national day.

So while I am in line at Dutch Brothers, getting 8 punch cards with 9 stamps, because I took everyone's order in the office, I thought I would write a new post all about coffee. For bloggers I feel like those are the best kind of posts.

National Coffee Day

Here are reasons you should sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

  • When waking up on any day that ends in Y. You should always have a cup in the morning to wake you up and get you ready for the traffic outside.
  • After taking a nap, because sometimes waking up from a nap is hard and you need a cup of coffee.
  • When you get a new mug, because there is no better way to pop its proverbial cherry than with a nice cup of medium roast.
  • When you are running late for work. You're already late, so why not just get a cup and blame the long lines Starbucks for being tardy.
  • When you are reading a book. Now, don't be surprised if you hear a little angel choir singing while doing so, because everything is right with the world
  • While binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix; it would be a crime not to.
  • While hanging out with your favorite girlfriends. You can chat about how much everyone loves coffee, and then about the hot barista who gave you said coffee.
  • While baking! There is nothing like a cup of java while you are baking cookies. I mean am I right?
  • When you need to polish off a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream or Kahlua.
  • Going into a meeting at work, in the dreaded frozen conference room. You need something to keep you warm and awake.
  • Anytime. It’s appropriate to drink coffee anytime, because it is the nectar of the gods.

How many cups of coffee have you had today?