Tips for Your First Color Run

Over the weekend I participated in the Color Run, which was really was the funnest 5k around. I was so excited that I was wide awake at 4 am putting on my snazzy new running pants, and trying to find a cute pair of matching socks. Now let’s get one thing straight, I don't run. I may be wearing running shoes, running pants, and the appropriate hair attire, but there is no way my short stubby legs will allow me to do a pace that is acceptable at the moment. I mean I tried, but by all means it did not last.

More or less, the point of a run like this is not to just run, but to have fun at the same time! So I paired up with my bestie and we hit the color run trail for the first time together. As we did so, I made a mental list of everything you would need to know for your first Color Run.

first color run

Cover your phone!

I noticed a bunch of people with saran wrap or clear cases over their phone and was slightly confused; until after the first station and my phone was covered in pink dust. So cover your phone, or you will get color all over your face for the next two days.

Get Close!

The closer you are to the people throwing the dust, the more color you get. But don't get too close or you only get one or two splotches. Some of them also appreciate horrible dance moves to Taylor Swifts Shake it Off, so have fun with it.

(What's not fun is having hair in your face for everything!)

Get there early!

The bestie and I were a little late to the race area, so we had to stand in obnoxious lines to get checked in and get our shirts. The earlier you get there the better so that you can get ready and settled at the starting line. They release people in waves, so if you are looking to run then go in the earlier waves. If you are slower and want to walk do a later wave.

Always go to the Color Pit at the end!

It was loads of fun and we even got to have a mini dance party after. Plus this is truly where you will get the most color because everyone around you will toss up their free packets and coat you in it.

Bring a Towel!

This is mainly for your car seats. Because let me tell you that dust gets everywhere! I mean even places you don't think that it can get in, it's there! So if you have fabric seats definitely bring a towel to place on your seat after.

(or when you go to breakfast after and get the table and chairs coated.)

Clean the color OFF when you get home!

I know it is tons of fun seeing all of that color, but take a few selfies and then wash the color off of your body as soon as possible. Or you will have to take 4 showers like I did to get the color off. Not to mention the glitter, because those of us who are crafters know that glitter is the herpes of the crafting world, and it stays with you till the end of time. I am still finding glitter from Halloween.

There is more than one Color Run!

They are labeled under different names and all go to different charities. The biggest thing that I look for is if the money is going to a local charity rather than a big name charity. If you still aren't sure double check to see if the name of the run has reviews on Yelp, because yes people do review them. They are all around the same price, but I want to make sure that I am not being scammed so I do a little research.

Here are a few pics from the event!

Have you participated in a Color Run before? What are your tips on doing fun 5k runs like The Color Run?