February Updates

Holy Heck! I cannot believe that today is already February 17th! It really doesn't seem possible for the year to already be speeding by this quickly. As the month fly's by though, I'm still feeling really good about what I have going on in my life. Though I hit a speed bump with my 1st quarter illness... But here are some things that have been going on!

February Updates

I am SICK!

Well I have been for the last two weeks anyways. It started off as strep, and then turned into this annoying cough that literally wakes me up in the middle of the night. So imagine me, tired and coughing in the middle of the night. Now picture a screaming toddler in the middle of Target. That feeling of frustration from both is the same.  I'm hoping that it goes away soon because I haven't been able to work out for the last two weeks and it is kind of crushing my soul.

I was working out 5 days of the week.

Was being the keyword, but having upper respiratory problems and doing high cardio workouts don't pair well. Really it would be 6 workout days if I lived a smidgen bit closer to work, but right now I'm crushing 5 when I can actually get there. The changes may not be noticeable, but I can definitely feel it. Especially when I can see myself improving at a certain move. I still love where I'm going and have already justified paying $109/month to keep going. Plus it's always a good sign when you have to say, "What the fuck?!" and "I got this!!!" during a workout.

I've also honestly been eating like crap.

If I have really eaten anything at all. It's not the entire time, but I have had more soda, greasy tacos, and big macs than I care to admit to. Let's not forget the mac and cheese.... I love me some mac and cheese. But for February it's been a bit of a rough start. I blame being sick and the lack of appetite.... but you call it what you want. I did increase my water intake though which is a huge bonus.

I have clearly been slacking on not only my blog, but school too.

I am playing catch up the next couple of weeks so be prepared for some new posts which includes a beauty haul, believe it or not! I'm also trying to figure out some social media scheduling. I have a subscription to buffer and MeedEdgar, but really don't want to repeat my limited number of posts that have already been flying around. Suggestions?

Well, I guess that is it for the moment, but you never know the month ain't over yet!