My Favorite Halloween Costume

This year I'm being a party pooper and not dressing up for Halloween. It's not one of my favorite holidays and I don't have little kids, so the urge to run around dressed up is not present in my house. But there have been a few years in the past where I've spent endless hours crafting the perfect costume. I created my absolute, favorite costume in 2014 when the office I was involved in a costume competition. I procrastinated until the last couple of days to make my costume because I wanted it to be perfect. I had 2-3 general ideas but I was still surfing Pinterest.

I finally found a fairly simple costume idea for a book fairy. But I couldn't be just any book fairy.... NO! I had to use my pop culture knowledge and become the coolest book fairy I know, Fantasy.

Sadly no one in the office knew who or what I was... And incase you don't know either... Fantasy is one of the 3 books in the movie The Pagemaster, that helps Macaulay Culkin's character navigate the classics in order to return to real life. This movie is from 1994 and is a classic in my opinion.

Anyways, I spent all of October 30th putting together my head-piece and the tulle portions of my tutu's. I had two tutus! To create the pages tutu check out this DIY here.

I also used so much glitter and sparkle for this costume they are still finding glitter around the office. I couldn't help it!

What has been your favorite Halloween Costume so far? What are you this year?