Carrot Cheesecake


With so many different favors to choose from, this year for my annual scrap camp I chose something I knew everyone would eat; Carrot Cheesecake. A mixture of 2 amazing desserts carrot cake and cheesecake put into one tiny, rich package. I first saw the recipe on The Food Networks Facebook page and tagged my adopted aunt in the post. Almost immediately I got a "yes, make it now" from 3 people, but had started an argument between it having nuts or not.

These nuts were fighting over the Carrot Cheesecake !

So I struck a deal with them to make 2 smaller cheesecakes, one with nuts and one without. The only deal was that I couldn't go home with any of it. Last years cheesecake, while it was good, was not a big hit. Thus why the recipe has never been seen on this blog. However, this year I did not have that problem.

I also learned a few things about life and baking along the way. I learned things like, I really did need to know that equation from high school Algebra. My fighting the teacher on how fractions were the most idiotic thing in the world, was now proven to be trivial.  And shocker I did have to use math outside of school. Well played recipe, well played.

Also I learned  why oven mitts are  more important to use, rather than trying to grab on to the pan with a towel. I sat with my fingers on a bag of frozen Edamame for the rest of the night because I had burned off the tips.

Life lessons aside, it turned out to be a pretty successful treat. If you want to make two smaller pans like I did, I would suggest making 1 and a half to 2 batches of the carrot cake batter.

Carrot Cheesecake


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