Blog Expenses 2015


For 2016 I wanted to try and do something that I didn’t think I would ever let anyone see. My goal is to try and be as transparent as possible when it comes to my blog and the money I put out and receive in for it. That being said, I wanted to share my Blog Expenses for 2015 with you.I keep spreadsheets for almost everything financially related to anything in my life. I have 10 workbooks that are related to my normal 9 to 5 job and another four workbooks that I use for Personal Finances, Scrap-booking Camp, School Expenses, and more importantly my Blog Financials. I have so many because when I look at what’s happened throughout the year, I can narrow down my budget and figure out what is and what isn't working. Now that it is a new year, and I am back to looking at budgets I can share a bit of my past year with you.

Blog expense

Blog Income for 2015:

I made $0.00 last year from blogging. Nada, Zip, ZILCH! So I guess you could consider this past year (and the year’s prior) my hobbyist year of blogging. I didn't try to make money, and it wasn't until the end of the year that I actually started to pay attention to what I was doing.

Blog Expenses for 2015:


  • Equipment/Programs: $513.05
  • Giveaways/Swaps: $293.03
  • Advertising: $63.00
  • Conference: $548.55
  • Classes: $87

That is a Grand total of $1504.63 for one year on my blog(s). I spent much more on my blog than I had originally thought or budgeted for. I took more classes, paid for conferences and webinars, and did not pay attention to the investment that I was making. Why? It was just that, an investment. Not only in myself, but in this passion that I love so much.

I spend 3 times that amount on scrap-booking stuff, so it really wasn’t a big shocker for me to have spent over $1,500 on something I do every day. It is scary to see, but refreshing when I see other bloggers who are posting the same, if not more when it comes to expense amounts. I could definitely have spent more, but again this was a really off year for me. Expect next year to be a bit bigger.

Did you spend any significant money on your blog this year?