Bing's Burgers in Cottonwood, AZ


Every year, a group of 8 ladies make their way up to the mountains of Arizona. Sometimes to the cool area of Prescott and sometimes to the beautiful scenic Sedona. We pack up our scrapbooking and crafting supplies, stock up on M&M’s, and kiss the kids/furkids goodbye for a weekend of non stop papercuts and glitter. Last year was our first year up in Sedona. We were so impressed that we knew we had to come up again. Especially when it came to the food!

After it was decided that a few of us needed to take a break from the paper we decided to hit up downtown Cottonwood. So my aunt and I unglued ourselves from work, and we all piled into a car to go eat, drink, and be merry! But where to eat? Then it happened… we all agreed on a place.


Everyone agreed to eat at Bing’s Burgers.

Bings's Burgers is a family owned establishment right at the beginning of the main road. It’s familiar to most who have been to the Sedona Cottonwood area. So much so that when my scrap booking ladies made a unanimous vote to eat lunch there. That's a pretty impressive thing, since most of these ladies had food allergies. But when we all agree, it's a miraculous unicorn that must not be denied it's time to shine. Plus Bing’s was pretty accommodating when it came to special orders.


So after a rum tasting and a wine tasting we were ready for some food to get us through the remainder of our tour down the main street. I ordered a classic cheeseburger, with a side of Chili Fries, and a chocolate malt. My only regret was the malt, turns out I don't like malts. But I had ZERO regrets about those Chili Fries!

The chili cheese fries were my absolute favorite part of this meal! I mean, homemade chili, fresh and crisp French Fries and cheese on top; what's not to love?!

Now it's time for us make our way back up to Sedona for another girls weekend. Our bags are packed, I remembered my favorite pillow this time, and crafting supplies have been bought in anticipation. Who knows what adventures we are going to have, or what wines will be drunk. But one thing I do know is that we are already planning the moment when we can make a trip back over to Bing's.

Until then, I dream of chili fries and stock up on antacids.