And there will always be more.


A little bit ago, I wrote a post on my tattoo’s. This post then inspired a post from the wonderful Bri to talk about hers. In her post she had gone over how she got a new tattoo for her birthday every year. I was so enthralled with the idea of getting a new tattoo…. that I stole it.

Thank you Bri for unknowingly letting me steal your tradition.

Thankfully I have a gorgeous friend here in Phoenix that is a little tattoo crazed this year as I am. So when I sent her a text and said that I was getting one, she wanted to go too. So we started the conversations about what we were going to get, and as I looked around my office, I knew what mine was going to be.

So.... I got a tattoo for my birthday.

An Ampersand

There is no doubt that I’ve had an obsession with them. There are 3 wall art items in my office, there are 2 at my house, and then almost every blog title I have had for this site has had the word “and” in it. As I was doing some research on Pinterest to decide how I wanted my ampersand to look, I came across the meaning behind these tattoos.

An Ampersand is a marvelous symbol. It says “AND - I am not finished, there is more….”

I mean, while I love the meaning... I really do have a thing for ampersands. There is something about being able to add on to something with such a simple word or symbol. So I found the most abstract one I could find, with a little bit of Art Nouveau flare and made sure I had plenty of sizes to choose from.

On my actual birthday, I went down to The Golden Rule Tattoo, off of Camelback Road here in Phoenix, a total walk in and tested my luck to see if I could get in. Luckily enough kKat had some time open after an our or two so I was able to hit up my favorite book store.

When I came in everything was traced out and Kat was ready to work her magic.  It took a total of 45-50 Minutes, if that. I won't lie, hurt like a B*tch, but my newest work is done! I just need a quick touch up to fill in a couple spots. I'm sorry that their aren't more pictures at the moment, Kat ended up being so quick that none of my friends were around until after the piece was done.

So here we are, new ink, ready to face 28 head on.