A Day In My Shoes


day in my shoes

If you were to spend a day in my shoes, it would probably look a little something like this.

4am-5:30am: you wouldn't wake up in a pair of shoes,in fact your toes would probably be frozen and hitting the snooze button. Well your toes wouldn't be, because let's face it, you aren't that flexible. Either way the snooze button is getting a work out and the dog starts to beg you to turn the damn thing off. You finally take your frozen toes and walk them over to the shower.

5:30am-6:30am: you are still barefoot and now arguing about which outfit to wear, and searching for what clothes you have that are actually clean. You finally decide on something and then find an appropriate shoe attire. I'll give you a hint, they will be flats. Then you and the fur-child walk it over to doggy daycare, because your dog is special and cannot stay home alone.

6:30-7:30am: you and your flats drive to work, swear at the jerk who didn't let you over or that cut you off. You get into work, and get your first cup of coffee for the day. Chances are the K-cups on the wall are low so you go to refill before the rest of your colleagues get there. You then swear a little more because although someone tried to help out and stock the coffee, they messed up all of your boxes and they are all out of order.

7:30am-1:00pm: You do a mixture of things at work, pay some bills, check on some invoices, and other important things. You do a happy dance when you get checks in the mail and then cry a little when you have to immediately spend it.

1:00pm-1:30pm: Lunch with the work "wife" leads you to argue for 5 to 10 minutes about what you want to eat for lunch, before just deciding on something simple and quick.

1:30-4:30pm: More work, more questions, and a little more of the daily grind. Some days I hit the bank and get to leave the office on 3:30 but sadly it's not every day.

4:30-9:00pm: After a long drive home and getting Ghillie from doggy day care, it's a long night of TV watching, cooking, cleaning and blogging. I know I live a rough life! Now with the mix of school, it will be a little bit different but not much.

9:00pm and on: SLEEP! I go to bed early since the sun clearly does not want to be out late right now, and waking up before 6am doesn't help either. At the end of the day though you and your poor little feet are pooped!

Everyday is roughly the same and it makes some sense how 2015 could have ran by so fast. There was almost little to no excitement going on there! I think I need to spice my schedule up, what do you think?

What does your average day look like?