So I left my lunch on the counter this morning.

I left it smack dab right next to the dog treats. While I wasn't thrilled about what I was bringing, I still didn't have other prospects so it was going to have to work. Well by now it's gone bad, the dogs have probably attempted to get at it because I have shifty little beasts, and I now have the choice of Yogurt or chips for lunch. Also, not that you really need to know this... but for the sake of transparency, my clean shirt smells really dirty... and I'm not 100% sure how that happens.

This is how my month has been.

It feels like all of March I was kind of just here.  Not mentally present in my daily events, nor did I have the aspiration to do anything other than sleep, eat, or watch horrible mind numbing television. I know I just got a little too real, but if you felt like this too just know you weren't the only one.

I didn't blog.

I had so many freaking post ideas too, that in a perfect world would have gotten out. Perfect world being, that I could make blogging my full time job and didn't have to rely on a typical 9 to 5. No I don't get that pleasure just yet. Maybe when I write more than 2-4 posts a month I can quit my day job....

In case you missed the stuff I posted this month:

I've actually learned a thing or two.

I've been working on a personal goal of mine to learn Adobe Muse, which is going pretty well. I've been using lessons off of to go through each step at a time. Once you start them it is pretty easy just to go from lesson to lesson. You can also use the courses from Lynda to qualify for certifications. Right now I'm going through a Learning Path to become an AMA Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing. It's pretty nifty I tell ya.

So I guess this post was to let you know that I was alive.... and that I really left my lunch on the coffee table. OY VEY!