Currently in July

Holy GUACAMOLE! I cannot believe it's already July. I mean just yesterday it felt like it was May. But I guess in my line of work the days become a bit blurry during the summer. I've had a lot that's happened over June but it doesn't actually feel like much when I look at my calendar for July. Currently in July

Currently so far...

I've been introverting hard on the weekends. I have literally been keeping my weekends to myself as much as possible. Staying home, or at my housesitting houses, out of the heat and away from civilization. I still do things, but really haven't been inviting anyone to come with.  When the average temps are at 112 I tend to get a bit cranky having to wait on people.

I found out that I'll be moving into a slightly bigger house in October, and that I get it to myself. It's a little hard since most of the furniture and the kitchenware in my current house are mine, but I don't want to leave my "roommate" with nothing. I also want to get new furniture. It also sucks because I put my own to flavor to my current house, but i'm super happy that I'll have my own space without roommates.

I wrote several posts, but ended up not using them. Not because I didn't schedule them but because they were no longer relevant.  One was about stuff I was going to unsubscribe to, but never actually did. There were a few others that when I read them, I didn't actually know why I was posting them. Aside from this thrilling post, I really am trying to cut down on posting stuff just because I haven't posted in awhile. Quality over quantity folks.

Work work work work..... It's all I do sometimes. Get to work early in the morning, get home and find that stuff needs to be shipped.... three days ago. Run between offices to sign off on cars. You name it, i've done it in the last two weeks. So it wouldn't be a shocker to say that I had a hard cider and ice cream for dinner last night.

Game of Thrones starts in 10 days. I may possibly have a countdown going, have a themed menu planned out for the premier night, and  binging the last two seasons... but I am NOT AT ALL EXCITED for it to be back on. I mean... Have I been muttering the words Valar Morghulis around my office for the last month whenever people vex me? Maybe. Did I cry when I saw the trailer for the first time? It's highly possible.  And have I made up my "Who's going to Die This Season" fantasy list for the season? Definitely.  But I'm so, so not excited for the next 7-8 weeks of my life to be in utter emotional chaos.

I'll be live tweeting my reactions on my personal twitter... @kyleamjohnson
This is different than my blog twitter.

What's new with you this month? Are you also a fan of GOT?