5 things you don't know about me.

So as I was skillfully being a #blogboss and coming up with 40 new post ideas, I thought about how this blog was new. Sure it has a collection of posts from my previous sites, but in a sense it represents me and how I have grown... I guess. So I thought that maybe you guys would want to know a few things about me that maybe I've never mentioned before. So I did just that, coming up with 5 fun-filled facts about me.

5 things you should know about me...

1. I hate whipped cream. I don't care for the taste, and I HATE the smell. Most of my hatred comes from the moment when I was pied in the face at Target. Naturally it was done by someone really tall, so they came from underneath and I had whipped cream shoved in the deep dark crevasses of my nose. I'll even go as far as to scrape it off of my PSL in front of the baristas. Not in a mean, f-you, type of way; but rather in a please help me get this shit off now way.

2. I am a candle snob. Never will I ever, burn a Gold Canyon or Yankee candle in my house. If I get them as gifts I either re-gift or donate them. I have also banned certain smells from my house because they give me migraines. Most if not all of the candles in my house are actually soy. They burn cleaner and the fragrance isn't over powering.

3. I listen to the music in my car really loud, because I am singing the entire time. But I turn it down or off if someone else is in the car with me. Also when I'm lost, because it really does help.

4. I have the worlds BIGGEST desire to live in a tiny house on wheels. I mean I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it, I have written a pro and cons list on composting toilets, and I have entered literally every contest I can to win a damn tiny house. Less utilities, less material items, and more time to travel and less school crippling debt all sound like amazing reasons to go tiny.

5. I have a beyond killer sweet tooth! I mean as soon as I eat something salty, I need the sweet to balance it out. My favorite thing to eat when I just need that sweet is either a Cookie ice cream sandwich, or a brownie. Or both, because who wouldn't love both?!

What's something I should know about you?