5 Things: Let's Get Baking


The holiday season is upon us once again, which brings us to our favorite time of the year; Holiday Baking season! If your house looks anything like mine during the holidays, your mixer doesn’t leave your counter and your fridge looks like Willy Wonka’s Candy Shop. You have a plethora of stretchy pants, and your best, most adorable apron pressed and ready for use.  And you bet your bottom dollar you made those baking isles in the grocery store your bitch. It may or may not have included taking down an old lady reaching for the last bag of brown sugar. There is only war when it comes to that isle during the holiday season, and only the determined will win.

5 Things Baking

Baking for me comes with 5 Simple things.

1) Alcohol! Yup I bake with it. I know that most of it gets burned out while baking, but I have my ways.

2) A mess. I NEVER and I mean NEVER manage to keep my area clean. I've tried but it never fails that I get flour all over the counters, Red Velvet cake mix on the cabinets, and dirty dishes up the wazoo.

3) I clean as I go. Mainly due to the mess that I make and because that was how I was taught. My OCD senses kick in between batches.

4) On half of my old family recipe cards, Tisp means Teaspoon and Tibble means Table spoon. My great grandma wrote them, and that is how they have been no matter how many times they are re-written.

5) Raw cookie dough will not kill you. I am living proof that sampling the product prior to being slid into the oven is not a serious offense. Your mother/grandmother/aunts/ and Pillsbury lied to you. You're welcome!

What are your favorite cookie recipes? Mine is my Amaretto by Morning Chocolate Chip Cookie.