5 Reasons Why I Love Orphan Black

There are very few shows that I will buy season passes for. I mean I subscribe to HBO for Sex and the City and Game of Thrones. I have hulu and netflix for most everything else. Rarely though, do I stop and buy a season of a show. That is until I found Orphan Black. This show is beyond amazing, but it is also in it's last season. It's breaking my little fan girl heart. I mean I love this show so much I have managed to get people hooked! It's not hard when you are so passionate about it.

So here are reasons why I love Orphan Black


It's inclusive of EVERYTHING!

And I do mean everything. LGBTQ, gender equality, different lifestyles, cultures, religions, and everything that makes a person human is oddly found in this show about clones. Also the fandom is by far the most caring, diverse group of people.

Because Tatiana Maslaney is a fucking bad ass.

This girl doesn't play just one character. NO! She plays at least 5 in almost every episode! Let's not forget all of the clones in between that she has played. She puts so much dedication in to each character that it really feels like several different unique people.

Every character is unpredictable.

You know when you watch a show, and you just know that this person is going to be the bad guy. Or maybe you just know that "that bitch gunna die..". I mean hello Margaery Tyrell. Well Orphan Black is not that show. I mean Helena and Alice alone are the two most predictable yet unpredictable people. You think someone is going to be tortured and then BAM that person stabs another person in the eye with a pencil. Talk about some serious John Wick shit right there.


I freaking love Felix. By far my favorite character of the show. He is kind of the underdog of the show, but he loves his family and the craziness that surrounds it. It worries me how dark his character has gotten. That keeps him real though. Plus he is full of sarcasm and sass, my two favorite things!

The girls are more kickass than the boys!

Who runs this show? GIRLS! Even Felix who is more gender fluid with feminine qualities. Every female in here is strong. Whether it's Helena, who is psychotic but loyal or Cosima who is beyond brilliant. From Siobhan to Kira, every female has a strong roll in this show. So back off boys!  The clones are back in town.

So here I am, tucked away into a separate room during our scrap camp, watching one of my favorite shows. Is everyone looking for me? Probably... Am I being made fun of because they think I'm taking a nap... Most definitely! Little do they know I'm about to bust out of this room with a ukrainian accent calling everyone Seestra.


Do you watch Orphan Black? Who is your favorite clone?