25 Thoughts While Watching The Food Network


The Food Network is on one of Ghillie's approved channels. Meaning during any given day, if I have to leave at any point I can throw on the Food Network, and he won't destroy the house or dig through the trash. It might be because of the awesome show line ups, the fun chefs on the screen, or if he is anything like me; it's because you are drooling too much over the food that you don't even pay attention to the other things around you.

It's perfectly acceptable to drool over Ree Drumond's twice baked potato casserole in my house.

After about 4 hours, you start to question a few things though. Sooner or later you start talking to yourself and making lists of thoughts you have when watching the Food Network.


So here are 25 thoughts I had after watching The Food Network for 6 hours.
  1. How do they just throw in spices without measuring them?
  2. I should be able to find that cut of expensive lamb at the grocery store right?
  3. I need that stove top grill pan, but how can I use it and not burn down my house...
  4. Why do they all cook things in Dutch ovens, I mean can't you just use a pot.
  5. Is there a difference between mincing or finely chopping… because they seem like the same thing.
  6. How can Giada make this look so effortless?
  7. How does Guy not gain any weight from eating at all of these places.
  8. That's a nice looking taco, I like that taco.
  9. I wonder how these people are going to mix that chocolate bunny with fish.
  10. Is this going to be a basket from hell, or one that they all make the same damn thing?
  11. AND they're all making the same recipe.
  12. How does Bobby Flay still have friends after this show?
  13. Is it weird that I find Bobby Flay highly attractive?
  14. Wait…. That's how you are supposed to make Beef Stroganoff? Man have I been Americanizing it.
  15. YYYAAAASSSS smother it in cheese!
  16. I just need The Kitchen's Kitchen, to be my kitchen.
  17. How do they do this in 30 minutes? It can't take 30 minutes…. It just can't.
  18. What the hell kind of a vegetable is that? I have to google that shit.
  19. CHARLIE!!! God I love that basset hound, too freaking adorable.
  20. Wait where is the show where they bet against each other, and sabotage their opponents dishes…. I like that show.
  21. And you DE shelling a lobster, confirms why I hate eating any form of fish.
  22. OH MY GOD the face is still attached to that animal they're cooking!!!
  23. Why am I so hungry?
  24. Can someone make sure my fridge is stocked like that?
  25. Time to cook something fancy and make Bobby proud.