2016 In Review


Okay, so clearly the universe has it out for celebrities in 2016. It may still have a vendetta against me as well, but there are only so many more hours for life to make it's move. Sorry if that seems slightly dark, but I am still analyzing what I thought was a bee sting but later determined that it could be a spider bite on my foot. On the plus side, it shows no signs of infection and only gets sore when I stub my foot on the chest at the end of my bed. Downside.... I don't know where the little jerk that bit me did so which makes me paranoid. But either way 2016 has not been so bad for me.So while I am working from home today, I thought I would give you guys a brief recap, of what happened this year.

So in 2016:

  • I went trough some health stuff, and had surgery.
  • I switched from Square Space to WordPress, and sometimes I regret it.
  • I cleaned up my blog, and cut out a ton of posts.
  • I joined a few courses, kept up with school, and taught myself a few things.
  • I received a new job title and a pay bump.
  • I made a ton of new cheesecakes, including this one. 
  • I helped create some company policies that are going to benefit everyone in my company.
  • My company finally, after 13 years, got ourselves a brand new office. And I created some furniture to go in my space.

Now for some this doesn't seem like much. I know plenty of people who have moved, gotten married or had babies, and gotten new jobs. For me though, these were huge events that happened in my year. So here we go with 2017 and I'm going to waltz into the year with new opportunities and a clear mind. Hopefully it doesn't go by so quickly, but I know that it just might.

Off to a new whirlwind adventure!