Why I Am So Very Thankful This Year

You guys... where did this year freaking go?! I cannot believe that it is Thanksgiving time again. I just can't! I probably should since I have to cook a feast right now. It's my very first time cooking a Thanksgiving feast, and I did over prepare. I went grocery shopping two days ago, prepped the crap out of everything last night, and have my Keurig working overtime. I've always helped with side dishes or cleaned, but this year I get to do it all. Which includes channeling my inner great grandmother and trying my hand at baking pies.

So while I'm cooking and while you are dreaming of all the Black Friday sales or in turkey comas, I wanted to give you guys a list of things I'm extremely grateful for.


A home

Around the same time as Hurricane's Harvey and Irma, I was moving into my new place. I was pulling out flooring and putting more back in, scrubbing walls and then having to paint them. I complained almost the entire time, even though I had people helping me. But then it snapped... At least I had a home. There were so many people who were now without even the basics. Everything in there life, all of their possessions were gone, and here I was whining. I decided that unless it involved physical injury I wasn't going to complain from that point on. Because I have a home and I'm thankful for everything it means.

Wonderful friends

This year I think I have relied on my friends more than I ever have. I'd forgotten how wise in their own ways that they were. When I needed advice, to vent or even just a girls day I always had someone there. I can't wait to see what we do next year. I am so thankful to have each of them in my life.

My supportive family

I don't know where I would be without my family this year, especially my little brother. I don't give the kid a lot of credit, but he has been my biggest ally this year. I am so very thankful that I got to see my great grandmother before her passing. I'm thankful that my grandparents always try to feed me. I'm thankful that my parents are always there to talk to me, and that they love me despite all of our many flaws. My family, no matter how separated we are, is my rock and I will always be thankful to them.

My job and side hustle

I've been at my job for almost 9 years, and I couldn't be more thankful for that. There are days where I don't like it or I'm just having a hard time, but I have a job and a great boss. To top that, I have awesome people that let me watch their house and animals... and pay me to do it. No matter how many times I've been unavailable or lacked in communication, they still  allow me to do something that has helped with a number of bills.

My health

I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to be healthy this year. After having been to the hospital twice in under 5 years and having surgery, I was worried that I would be jinxed forever, or that the universe was conspiring against me in some sort of way. This year has been relatively illness free (knock on wood) though, and I cannot be happier.

All of you

A final thank you to all of you. Whether you clicked on a post occasionally or have read every single one, thank you. Without you I probably would have given up a long time ago. Thank you for hearing my random antics, helping me through my difficulties, and supporting me through thick and thin. I'm so thankful that you let this little space of internet live.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families and friends.

Life Update: Off goes the AC!

You guys... It is officially fall in Arizona! I can finally turn my ac off completely because the days are so nice that it's no longer needed. I can open up all of the windows, turn the ceiling fans to low, and bust out the fall scented candles. It's been like this for a little while, but with the weather here, you really don’t want to test your luck. Se La Vie am I right?

Life Lately
Life Lately

Work from home Wednesdays are about to become a thing.

I worked from home yesterday which is kind of weird. I've always had the ability to work from home, but never did unless I was sick or my grandparents needed help getting to an appointment. I always thought that I would get too distracted, or something catastrophic would happen if I wasn't at the office. But let me tell you... i got more done in the 2 hours of working than I would all day. I was able take my time getting up, get a couple of chores done, and I made myself an omelet for lunch. Purely because I could.

I hunted  for rugs at the athome store for 2 hours.

Literally, went through every rug imaginable in every section of the athome store. It was entertaining, while I a 5'3" human tried to pull out huge 9x12 rugs to look at them and see if they were on clearance. I was not going to give up though! And while I didn't get the $300 rugs that I was crushing over, I did get a couple that will work for my living room, and had the feel that I was looking for. Maybe the dogs will be nice and keep them clean for a couple more days so that I can take a picture. Wishful thinking, right? I didn't find one for my dining room, but I'm still looking around for the perfect one.

It's been 4 days since I've started eating a little cleaner.

I cut out fast food, soda, and 3/4's of the processed foods that I used to eat. Now don't get me wrong, I do have a loaf of whole wheat multigrain bread and a couple packets of cheese in my fridge and a couple cans of soup. But I've acknowledged the fact that I can get more meals out of a few basic ingredients than you can a #1 no onions with a coke from McDonalds.

Either way I'm really craving a cheeseburger right now... so I may have to stop at the store on my way home.

HELP! My face is in serious crisis mode.

I break out on one side, and it's not the side I sleep on. But I've washed my sheets, I wash my face every day, and I haven't been putting on makeup. Yet, my face looks like I'm on my cycle every freaking day. What do I do?! I need some new suggestions on face cleansers and or moisturizers.

It's the 300th episode of Grey's tonight...

I don't know whether to cry or feel really old. I've been watching greys essentially from the beginning. I skipped out on most of season one, but then binged on my seasons dvd box sets. On occasion I like to revisit the first season where Meredith was a relatable, dark and twisty soul and McDreamy... well McDreamy was definitely dreamy. I hated Izzy... truly just disliked her character, and loved Bailey. I wonder how they are going to work with tonight and what surprises come up.

I managed to get a few of posts out last month.

They were random, but I posted! One or two posts a month still qualify me as a blogger right?

Anywho, that's all for now folks. I hope you're having a brilliant day!

My Favorite Halloween Costume

This year I'm being a party pooper and not dressing up for Halloween. It's not one of my favorite holidays and I don't have little kids, so the urge to run around dressed up is not present in my house. But there have been a few years in the past where I've spent endless hours crafting the perfect costume. I created my absolute, favorite costume in 2014 when the office I was involved in a costume competition. I procrastinated until the last couple of days to make my costume because I wanted it to be perfect. I had 2-3 general ideas but I was still surfing Pinterest.

I finally found a fairly simple costume idea for a book fairy. But I couldn't be just any book fairy.... NO! I had to use my pop culture knowledge and become the coolest book fairy I know, Fantasy.

Sadly no one in the office knew who or what I was... And incase you don't know either... Fantasy is one of the 3 books in the movie The Pagemaster, that helps Macaulay Culkin's character navigate the classics in order to return to real life. This movie is from 1994 and is a classic in my opinion.

Anyways, I spent all of October 30th putting together my head-piece and the tulle portions of my tutu's. I had two tutus! To create the pages tutu check out this DIY here.

I also used so much glitter and sparkle for this costume they are still finding glitter around the office. I couldn't help it!

What has been your favorite Halloween Costume so far? What are you this year?

Making mac and cheese at midnight.

It's roughly 11:30 at night and I'm just now making dinner. Sure I could have stayed at my grandparents and ate pizza. But I wasn't feeling it. The cheese, the sauce, and the potential for fire breathing heartburn after.... no thanks. I mean I love GOT but that doesn't mean I want Drogon destroying my stomach and ability to drink coffee tomorrow.

So instead, I'm making mac and cheese. After all it is national macaroni and cheese day for another 30 minutes.

More than that I'm planning my upcoming week. Thinking about what I'm going to scrap book tomorrow and thinking about what more I need to accomplish with the social media campaign for work. I know, who wants to work at midnight??? Sometimes I think I'm more addicted to work than I would be drugs.

Or is work secretly a drug?

Pretty sure they invented coffee as the gateway drug and then gave us work as the harder stuff.... Either way I'm up, writing a pointless post about making mac and cheese in the middle of the night. A regular old, retro lifestyle post if you will. You know when we didn't care about how many instagram followers we had??

The good old days of blogging.

I don't hate the new way of blogging. Sometimes it's nice to remember how it all started though. It seemed easier when people weren't always trying to sell something or make money. At least it did to me. I admire the people that can hustle like that. But I can't because I think about my day job.... in the middle of the night.

But blogging was easier right?? It was simple; just some words, terrible gifs, and passionate posts about our lives. Random posts like this would have crushed it in the old world. Sothis is one of those random posts. Take that brands who want authentic, organic posts!

I'm rambling... I blame the hunger.

Its almost done.. which means so is this post. Soon I will be swimming in the melty, blue box mac and cheese. Maybe the cheese will help me write more posts... so if you see some this week it means it worked. If it didn't... well I have no excuse.

Till then....

Also I plan on eating this entire box.

Currently in July

Holy GUACAMOLE! I cannot believe it's already July. I mean just yesterday it felt like it was May. But I guess in my line of work the days become a bit blurry during the summer. I've had a lot that's happened over June but it doesn't actually feel like much when I look at my calendar for July. Currently in July

Currently so far...

I've been introverting hard on the weekends. I have literally been keeping my weekends to myself as much as possible. Staying home, or at my housesitting houses, out of the heat and away from civilization. I still do things, but really haven't been inviting anyone to come with.  When the average temps are at 112 I tend to get a bit cranky having to wait on people.

I found out that I'll be moving into a slightly bigger house in October, and that I get it to myself. It's a little hard since most of the furniture and the kitchenware in my current house are mine, but I don't want to leave my "roommate" with nothing. I also want to get new furniture. It also sucks because I put my own to flavor to my current house, but i'm super happy that I'll have my own space without roommates.

I wrote several posts, but ended up not using them. Not because I didn't schedule them but because they were no longer relevant.  One was about stuff I was going to unsubscribe to, but never actually did. There were a few others that when I read them, I didn't actually know why I was posting them. Aside from this thrilling post, I really am trying to cut down on posting stuff just because I haven't posted in awhile. Quality over quantity folks.

Work work work work..... It's all I do sometimes. Get to work early in the morning, get home and find that stuff needs to be shipped.... three days ago. Run between offices to sign off on cars. You name it, i've done it in the last two weeks. So it wouldn't be a shocker to say that I had a hard cider and ice cream for dinner last night.

Game of Thrones starts in 10 days. I may possibly have a countdown going, have a themed menu planned out for the premier night, and  binging the last two seasons... but I am NOT AT ALL EXCITED for it to be back on. I mean... Have I been muttering the words Valar Morghulis around my office for the last month whenever people vex me? Maybe. Did I cry when I saw the trailer for the first time? It's highly possible.  And have I made up my "Who's going to Die This Season" fantasy list for the season? Definitely.  But I'm so, so not excited for the next 7-8 weeks of my life to be in utter emotional chaos.

I'll be live tweeting my reactions on my personal twitter... @kyleamjohnson
This is different than my blog twitter.

What's new with you this month? Are you also a fan of GOT?





5 Reasons Why I Love Orphan Black

There are very few shows that I will buy season passes for. I mean I subscribe to HBO for Sex and the City and Game of Thrones. I have hulu and netflix for most everything else. Rarely though, do I stop and buy a season of a show. That is until I found Orphan Black. This show is beyond amazing, but it is also in it's last season. It's breaking my little fan girl heart. I mean I love this show so much I have managed to get people hooked! It's not hard when you are so passionate about it.

So here are reasons why I love Orphan Black


It's inclusive of EVERYTHING!

And I do mean everything. LGBTQ, gender equality, different lifestyles, cultures, religions, and everything that makes a person human is oddly found in this show about clones. Also the fandom is by far the most caring, diverse group of people.

Because Tatiana Maslaney is a fucking bad ass.

This girl doesn't play just one character. NO! She plays at least 5 in almost every episode! Let's not forget all of the clones in between that she has played. She puts so much dedication in to each character that it really feels like several different unique people.

Every character is unpredictable.

You know when you watch a show, and you just know that this person is going to be the bad guy. Or maybe you just know that "that bitch gunna die..". I mean hello Margaery Tyrell. Well Orphan Black is not that show. I mean Helena and Alice alone are the two most predictable yet unpredictable people. You think someone is going to be tortured and then BAM that person stabs another person in the eye with a pencil. Talk about some serious John Wick shit right there.


I freaking love Felix. By far my favorite character of the show. He is kind of the underdog of the show, but he loves his family and the craziness that surrounds it. It worries me how dark his character has gotten. That keeps him real though. Plus he is full of sarcasm and sass, my two favorite things!

The girls are more kickass than the boys!

Who runs this show? GIRLS! Even Felix who is more gender fluid with feminine qualities. Every female in here is strong. Whether it's Helena, who is psychotic but loyal or Cosima who is beyond brilliant. From Siobhan to Kira, every female has a strong roll in this show. So back off boys!  The clones are back in town.

So here I am, tucked away into a separate room during our scrap camp, watching one of my favorite shows. Is everyone looking for me? Probably... Am I being made fun of because they think I'm taking a nap... Most definitely! Little do they know I'm about to bust out of this room with a ukrainian accent calling everyone Seestra.


Do you watch Orphan Black? Who is your favorite clone?