10 Things that make me really happy.

There has been a lot of gloom in my life lately. It's been crappy! But while on a spending spree in Target, I bought a book called, 52 Lists for Happiness. I figured if I could write down things that made me happy or maybe figure out what isn't making me happy I could get things back in the groove. It's a grand thought right? Well the first page starts off, with the normal question. What makes you happy? So here are 10 things that make me really, REALLY happy.


10 Things that make me really happy.

Ghillie- It’s crazy how much I love this dog, but this beast of mine makes me incredibly happy. Every time I have to house sit, it breaks my heart to leave him and I miss him every single day. I love Durango, but Ghillie has been my main man for 10 years now.

Naps- I’m a nap girl, get over it! I love taking naps, and I'll love them until the day I kick the bucket. I take one almost every day after work. Heck, sometimes I even take one at work! Take a long nap on Sunday? Why I think I will!  

Lemongrass- There are a few scents that make me just happy and comfortable. Lemongrass is one, the other is chocolate chip cookies. But Lemongrass is less dangerous for the waistline.

Solving a problem or puzzle- I love getting those AH HA type moments when I solve a puzzle or problem. I feel so happy and accomplished, plus it feels good to get something done.

Rainstorms- I think everyone in Arizona either really loves rainstorms or really hates them. And really we only hate them because it brings out the worst driver in everyone. I really love them though! I love to be able to open windows or sit on the patio and just watch the rain fall down. And then listen to Coming Clean by Hilary Duff, because why not.

Reading- When I was a kid my mom use to ground me from books. That was my punishment. Not getting grounded from seeing friends, or taking away TV privileges. No, she grounded me from books. I love to read and have really been trying to get back to a place where it’s less TV and more reading.

The color green- Not only is Green my favorite color, but it makes me super happy. There is something about it that makes me feel just content and creative.

Baking- In this post, I tell you all about how cooking freaks me out and how watching cooking shows gives me anxiety. Well, baking does the exact opposite. It’s exact and precise, and you can put on a good movie or podcast and just go to town with your sweet goods self.

Someone Playing with my hair- This is probably the weirdest thing that makes me happy, but I love it when people play with my hair.  Washing my hair, braiding it, twisting it up, or just running your fingers through the mop on my head is probably the greatest feeling in the world. Now, I don’t let just any random stranger just come up and touch my hair, but when my mom is around it’s always a small delicacy.

Freshly cleaned towels or sheets- Who else likes to take freshly cleaned towels out of the dryer, put them on your bed and then cuddle up in them to take a nap? Just me? Not only do I love cleaning these things because my dog manages to get dirt all up in them, but because it gives me an excuse to take a nap after I’m done. Not that I really need one.


So there you have it! A bunch of silly stuff that makes me super happy and keeps me smiling from ear to ear.

Sometimes I take these things, these feelings for granted. I don’t realize how precious they are, or how someone may not get to enjoy the same things. But today I am going to try to enjoy all of these things, and maybe even sneak in some chocolate chip cookies!

What is one thing that makes you really happy?