In 2019

Welcome 2019, you have some giant shoes to fill. With 2018 being in the past it is now the time not to look back, but forward. Cliche as that sounds, i’m truly trying to say adios to last year and all of the things that went with it. I can’t wait to start this new year with new adventures and new relationships. So with that I’ve made a list of things that I plan on living by this year, whether it is specific or just something I want to feel.

In 2019 I will:

Travel far, travel often, and live in the moment.

Fold my laundry and actually put it away.

Eat at one new place every week.

Open up my heart and try to embrace all of the little things.

Find a job I love.

Be brave.

Take and share more pictures.

Get more tattoos.

Volunteer more.

Learn 3 new things.

Wake up with more hangovers and 0 regrets.

Happy to be here 2019, let’s make this year fucking fantastic!