In 2018

In 2018 I:


Went to the Phoenix Symphony and nerded out to Harry Potter with hundreds of other Potter fans.

I ate way too much queso! Just kidding, I didn’t eat nearly enough.


I went to The Workshop held by The Bloguettes.

I was lucky enough to see Alexander Hamilton at ASU Gammage theater.


Some bad shit happened.

I went to back to back concerts for Dustin Lynch and Old Dominion.

I got my wisdom teeth removed!


More bad shit happened.

I welcomed a gorgeous new fur creature into my home.

We went to Macayos and celebrated my grandmas birthday.


My birthday week started off with more bad shit happening.

I turned 29!

Ate some more queso

Worked over a holiday weekend, but convinced some drivers to bring me coffee.





Italian food=LIFE



Closed up my Phoenix office

Went to Disneyland by myself.

Got to move an awesome car for the drummer of one of the most legendary bands. And ultimately proved that boys are stupid. Also… I got to touch the really expensive car.

Moved into a new office with some cool new people.


Had the worst week of my life in California

Ended it by going to Universal and nerding out out Diagon Ally.


Tried traditional ramen for the first time!

Went to an amazing brunch with my “older sister”.

Chopped all of my hair off!


Made some cheesecake for work, became loved by all.

Watched my older brother get married by Elvis!

Spent my weekend in Vegas crossing of a couple of 30 before 30 items.

I quit my job!

Dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween, became epic.


Saw Dustin Lynch for the 2nd time

Watched the cutest niece and nephew.

Had a much needed wine night

Turkey day came, and I ate only one meal this year.

Made some epic Christmas Garland for my office


Went to the Tempe Arts Fest and drank way too much wine.

Was asked by one of my favorite people to make him some garland too.

Went to a company Christmas party…. that was not mine

Continued my search for the best cubano sandwhich in Phoenix.

My best friend graduated with her second Bachelors (over achiever)

Snuggled with my pups!

Had meetings from hell.

Went to another companies Christmas Party….. also not my own.

Went to the Yule Ball in Phoenix

Took my grandma to Christmas Eve, and got to see some relatives I don’t normally get to see.

Spent Christmas with my grandma, missing my grandpa and eating WAY too much.

Now to ring in the New Year with some style and new adventures.