Just like that, everything I knew changed.

August 1st 2016, My company had officially moved into a new office. For the first time, it was our own office. We weren't stuffed into cubicles in someone else's office, risking that our mail would somehow end up with the wrong person. It was our own space that we could decorate and do with as we pleased. It was exciting, and I cherished every moment. 

We worked on folding tables and card tables for 3 days before we got desks. I remember walking into my bosses office, him sitting at his little card table typing away at an email and writing a list of things for me to get for the office. The cords to his computer, phone, and printer were in an utter state of chaos. He had things marked out on where he wanted them, and he had picked out the perfect spot for the recliners he was going to bring in. I had my folding table that I used for scrapbooking, so I had glitter and paint all over the top of it. We were ready for this new adventure. 

I bought a Christmas tree for the office, we hung up banners with our logo, and we showed it off as much as we could. It was home, a place that I wanted to drive 33 miles one way to every day. 

Then March 2nd happened. 

August 1st, 2018, just 2 years later I was watching as they packed up my world. They packed up my home and shipped it to California, to an office I was not going to.

No one in my company realizes how that affects me, no one in my life knows. They all assumed that it was hard and that it sucked, but they can't understand how much of an understatement that is. I called this place my home because I spent almost 60% of my week there. I had a homemade bench set up and dog beds in my office. I had my own artwork on the walls, and I got to see people I cared about almost every day. I didn't like being at my own house as much as I did that office. I made incredible friends, no matter how much I complained about them sometimes. 

So when everything you know is ripped away from you, and you have to downsize into an office that is smaller than your old bathroom, it fucking sucks. I actually think this office is smaller than the bathroom at my house. Maybe not as small as my guest bath though.


I took a minute though, to watch as everything was packed away. I took in all the good memories, and as I put stuff aside and sat on the floor, I recalled all of the good memories of us moving in. I asked whatever powers were there for strength in everything that I was going to be faced with. I told my boss, or maybe just the voices in my head, that I was going to do my best in the new environment I had moved to. And then I had to kill the spiders because the giant packers and driver were scared of them. It was a first, me having to kill a spider because I was the bravest one in the room. 

When it was all said and done, I locked the doors, got in the car and went to California to see the new office. It's not the same, but I think my boss is still smiling down up there, and telling me to get back to work and bitching about how dirty the warehouse is. I have no plans to move down there, but I am glad that the company is growing. Hopefully my new digs grow on me some more, and I know that the people will.