How Brunch Reminded Me That I Need to Connect More.

I am not normally a brunch person. If there was a way to describe my feelings on it, it would be the scene in Justice League where Barry (Ezra Miller) is telling Bruce Wayne how he doesn’t understand people and says this:

Like Brunch, what is Brunch? You essentially stand in line for an hour to eat lunch.
— Barry Allen

So for me to go out and stand in line or pay an extreme amount of money for breakfast foods it needs to be worth it. One of my closest friends, V, wanted to go day drinking and after the weeks we had it seemed like a fantastic idea. So when she suggested we go out to brunch, and made the reservation I didn’t argue. V made the reservation at a place in Scottsdale, AZ called Sumomaya which is Mexican Asian Fusion. My two favorite genre’s of food in one space, never hurts.

At Sumomaya, you pay $39 to get unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and Margaritas along with unlimited starters, an entree and unlimited of 2 sides.


We were eating the starters faster than I could take pictures, they were that delicious! But with breakfast also came several hours of talking about life and work. In-between bites of french toast and guac with chips (not together) I was able to just talk to one of my closest friends.

We sat to where we could see into the kitchen and watch them cook. I watched as they made sauces and sautéed food, and then reassured V several times that she was not weird for wanting to watch it. She is so passionate about cooking that it almost pains me to watch her do anything else. We talked about how we are stuck at work, and how things are making us miserable. I got to vent about family and talk about things that I wanted to do. We sat there and talked about everything and drank many things.

Sometimes I forget that I need that time to connect and just work out life’s problems with the people that know me the best. Being a more empathetic and introverted person, socializing on a large scale or with people I don’t know can be so very draining. I need a refuel time away from people just to get back to normal. I also need time with people though to connect with. It is the hardest part for me.


Anyways, my closest friends are those who accept my faults and love me for my quirks. As I gain new friends in my life, I can’t help but think of moments like these where I can just be there with my closest friend. And when we are done stuffing our faces, we can lay on her couches and just nap for 2 hours like it was a normal occurrence. I will always be thankful for friendships like this, and always grateful for the connections that I make.