Weekly Reads Roundup

Saturday, buddy! Where has this day been all week??? Well if you are on the same band wagon as me, today is one of those days to get out of the house, do something fun, and possibly get into some trouble. Today I am going to get out and go to the Tempe Arts Fest before it gets too cold out, with a bunch of friends.

Decorated my office for Christmas. People are amazed.

Decorated my office for Christmas. People are amazed.


But to keep you guys entertained I thought I would give you some of my favorite reads/buys/random things of the week!

Elsie’s gorgeous living room Christmas Decorations, INCLUDING A LLAMA!!

These alternative health practices to try out.

Have you guys seen this High Tech Airstream? Takes camping to a whole new level.

Like Trader Joes? Here are 7 things you can buy for hostess gifts that aren’t booze. (shame)

This teacher wore the same dress for a year to teach a valuable lesson.

Know a traveler, here’s some gift ideas!

You can now watch movies on YouTube, for free! You just have to be able to tolerate the commercials.

When one of the execs in my company liked this on LinkedIn, I kind of laughed.

This AMAZING Company that donates a percentage of the proceeds to help rescue dogs.

Have a great weekend!